Matt Wade

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Stone Pony show features rising stars of the Shore rock scene

The Star Ledger | Saturday, February 12, 2011
"21-year old keyboardist/singer Matt Wade and his combo provided a tour-de-force excursion into Asbury soul and blues, as Wade matched his Ray Charles-styled chordings and wailing vocals with Paul Vinci's soaring tenor sax. Wade is a true virtuoso, pounding all 88 keys of his keyboard as his "American Idol"-caliber voice effortlessly glides from one bluesy ballad to another. The band finished with a rousing rock 'n' roll number that had Wade bashing out some ferocious honky-tonk piano that left the audience wanting more..."

Tour Dates

Thursday | July 7
Samantha Fish Band at the Blues Cazorla Festival
Cazorla, Spain
Friday | July 8
Samantha Fish Band at Tenerife Auditorium
Tenerife, Spain
Saturday | July 9
Samantha Fish Band at the Parque de Santa Catalina
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Tuesday | July 12
Samantha Fish Band & Gary Clarke, Jr. @ Budapest Festival 2022
Budapest, Hungary
Wednesday | July 13
Samantha Fish Band at Musikhuset Posten
Odense, Denmark
Thursday | July 14
Samantha Fish Band at Pumpehuset
Copenhagen, Denmark
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