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Matt Wade - D-Sides & Demo Tapes | Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Getting off to a rousing start with the incredibly catchy and jaunty "Love Isn't Everything," this pop-rock album bops and bounces along with a certain tuneful gaiety that's both exciting and engaging in equal measure. Matt Wade's exuberant vocals soar straight for the heavens and back with positively infectious go-for-broke aplomb. The classy and snappy arrangements likewise hit the stirring spot, with big ringing guitar riffs, smooth basslines, dynamic piano, and sturdy kickin' drums keeping things lively and harmonic throughout. Bonus props are in order for the smart and reflective songwriting that deftly mines a touching line in bittersweet regret. A very nice and satisfying album.

Tour Dates

Thursday | July 7
Samantha Fish Band at the Blues Cazorla Festival
Cazorla, Spain
Friday | July 8
Samantha Fish Band at Tenerife Auditorium
Tenerife, Spain
Saturday | July 9
Samantha Fish Band at the Parque de Santa Catalina
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Tuesday | July 12
Samantha Fish Band & Gary Clarke, Jr. @ Budapest Festival 2022
Budapest, Hungary
Wednesday | July 13
Samantha Fish Band at Musikhuset Posten
Odense, Denmark
Thursday | July 14
Samantha Fish Band at Pumpehuset
Copenhagen, Denmark
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